Track & Trace App

As we brace ourselves for winter and the possibility of the virus spiking the new Track and trace app is launched.

From September 25th the nation is encouraged to download the track and trace application to their smart phones so that when we enter a public space we can scan the QR Code and log our visit with a central database.

track and trace app screen shot

We will displaying our QR Code at various places around our shop and seating areas so that you can scan the QR code and log your visit.

The application will help limit the spread of the virus by contacting anyone who has been within range of someone who tests positive for Covid-19.

We will however still be taking names and numbers when sitting in our coffee shop incase some customer dont have a smart device.

We hope you will continue to feel happy and safe when visiting our premises as we navigate this new guidance.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and loyalty over the past few months.

The Chillipetals Team

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